The Internationalization of US Writing Programs

"The Internationalization of US Writing Programs" illuminates the role writing programs and WPAs play in defining goals, curriculum, placement, assessment, faculty development, and instruction for international student populations. The volume offers multiple theoretical approaches to the work of writing programs and illustrates a wide range of well-planned writing program–based empirical research projects.

As of 2016, over 425,000 international students were enrolled as undergraduates in US colleges and universities, part of a decade-long trend of increasing numbers of international students coming to the United States for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Writing program administrators and writing teachers across the country are beginning to recognize this changing demographic as a useful catalyst for change in writing programs, which are tasked with preparing all students, regardless of initial level of English proficiency, for academic and professional writing.

"The Internationalization of US Writing Programs" is the first collection to focus specifically on this crucial aspect of the roles and responsibilities of WPAs, who are leading efforts to provide all students on their campuses, regardless of nationality or first language, with competencies in writing that will serve them in the academy and beyond.


Shirley K Rose is professor of English at Arizona State University, where she is director of ASU Writing Programs.

Praise for this book

[A] valuable contribution to writing program administration scholarship, the field of writing studies, and other related fields such as second language writing, TESOL, and applied linguistics.

Tanita Saenkhum, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

[A] very timely and important book for the field of rhetoric and composition.

Jennifer Wingard, University of Houston
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