Faking the News, edited by ASU alum Ryan Skinnell

Faking the News

What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump

Edited by Ryan Skinnell

Donald J. Trump's speaking and writing invite passionate reactions — maybe he’s a bluecollar, billionaire hero who speaks the language of the common man or maybe he’s a gleefully…

Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research, edited by Maureen Daly Goggin and Peter N. Goggin

Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research

Edited by Peter N. Goggin and Maureen Daly Goggin

In the course of research, most scholars have known moments of surprise, catastrophe, or good fortune, though they seldom refer to these occurrences in reports or discuss them with…

Cover of The Internationalization of US Writing Programs edited by Shirley K Rose and Irwin Weiser

The Internationalization of US Writing Programs

Edited by Shirley K Rose and Irwin Weiser

"The Internationalization of US Writing Programs" illuminates the role writing programs and WPAs play in defining goals, curriculum, placement, assessment, faculty development, and…

Cover of Bureaucracy: A Love Story edited by Gabriel Cervantes, Dahlia Porter, Ryan Skinnell, and Kelly Wisecup


A Love Story

Edited by Ryan Skinnell, Kelly Wisecup, Gabriel Cervantes and Dahlia Porter

Bureaucracy usually only becomes visible when it stops working — when a system fails, when an event gets off schedule, when someone points to a problem or glitch in a carefully…

Cover of The Diachrony of Verb Meaning by Elly van Gelderen

The Diachrony of Verb Meaning

Aspect and Argument Structure

Elly van Gelderen

This innovative volume offers a comprehensive account of the study of language change in verb meaning in the history of the English language. Integrating both the author’s previous body…

Six Monologues 1990-2007 book cover

Six Monologues 1990-2007

Jeff McMahon

Edited by Caridad Svich

NoPassport Press' "Dreaming the Americas" series collects six of McMahon's solo performance scripts spanning socio-political, queer and historical contexts: "Discontents," "Scatter," …

Cover of Analyzing Syntax through Texts by Elly van Gelderen

Analyzing Syntax through Texts

Old, Middle, and Early Modern English

Elly van Gelderen

To describe a language, it is necessary to get as close to the sources as possible. This textbook takes manuscript images, explains the various scripts used, and provides a word-by-word…

Cover of Syntax by Elly van Gelderen


An Introduction to Minimalism

Elly van Gelderen

Using a concise and clear style, this book highlights insights from current syntactic theory and minimalism. Chapter 1 starts with the general idea behind generative grammar and should…

Cover of The New Gay for Pay by Julia Himberg

The New Gay for Pay

The Sexual Politics of American Television Production

Julia Himberg

Television conveys powerful messages about sexual identities, and popular shows such as "Will & Grace," "Ellen," "Glee," "Modern Family," and "The Fosters" are often credited with…

Cover of The Discourse of Business Meetings by Fatma M. AlHaidari

The Discourse of Business Meetings

Agency and Power in Financial Organizations

Fatma M. AlHaidari

This book examines the social organizational discourse of task-oriented business meetings in a Kuwaiti financial organization and an American nonprofit trade organization. Focusing…