Prison Pedagogies, edited by Joe Lockard and Sherry Rankins-Robertson

Prison Pedagogies

Learning and Teaching with Imprisoned Writers

Edited by Sherry Rankins-Robertson and Joe Lockard

In a time of increasing mass incarceration, US prisons and jails are becoming a major source of literary production. Prisoners write for themselves, fellow prisoners, family members, and…

Faking the News, edited by ASU alum Ryan Skinnell

Faking the News

What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump

Edited by Ryan Skinnell

Donald J. Trump's speaking and writing invite passionate reactions — maybe he’s a bluecollar, billionaire hero who speaks the language of the common man or maybe he’s a gleefully…

The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies, co-edited by Lynn Turner, Undine Sellbach and Ron Broglio

The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies

Edited by Undine Sellbach, Ron Broglio and Lynn Turner

This volume critically investigates current topics and disciplines that are affected, enriched or put into dispute by the burgeoning scholarship on animal studies. What new questions and…

Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research, edited by Maureen Daly Goggin and Peter N. Goggin

Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research

Edited by Peter N. Goggin and Maureen Daly Goggin

In the course of research, most scholars have known moments of surprise, catastrophe, or good fortune, though they seldom refer to these occurrences in reports or discuss them with…

Cover of The Internationalization of US Writing Programs edited by Shirley K Rose and Irwin Weiser

The Internationalization of US Writing Programs

Edited by Shirley K Rose and Irwin Weiser

"The Internationalization of US Writing Programs" illuminates the role writing programs and WPAs play in defining goals, curriculum, placement, assessment, faculty development, and…

Cover of Optics, Ethics, and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries edited by Herbert L. Kessler and Richard G. Newhauser

Optics, Ethics, and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries

Looking into Peter of Limoges's 'Moral Treatise on the Eye'

Edited by Arthur J. Russell, Richard G. Newhauser and Herbert L. Kessler

This volume examines afresh how the introduction of ancient and Arabic optical theories transformed 13th-century thinking about vision, how scientific learning came to be reconciled with…

Cover of Bureaucracy: A Love Story edited by Gabriel Cervantes, Dahlia Porter, Ryan Skinnell, and Kelly Wisecup


A Love Story

Edited by Ryan Skinnell, Kelly Wisecup, Gabriel Cervantes and Dahlia Porter

Bureaucracy usually only becomes visible when it stops working — when a system fails, when an event gets off schedule, when someone points to a problem or glitch in a carefully…

El Camino del Diablo book cover

El Camino del Diablo

Mark Klett

Much of Mark Klett’s photography centers on a conversation with historical images. For this project, Klett worked only with the account of a young mining engineer named Raphael Pumpelly…

Cover of Emotion in the Tudor Court by Bradley J. Irish

Emotion in the Tudor Court

Literature, History, and Early Modern Feeling

Bradley J. Irish

Deploying literary analysis, theories of emotion from the sciences and humanities, and an archival account of Tudor history, "Emotion in the Tudor Court" examines how literature both…

Cover of Professionalizing Second Language Writing edited by Paul Kei Matsuda, Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, and Kather Daily O'Meara

Professionalizing Second Language Writing

Edited by Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, Paul Kei Matsuda and Katherine Daily O'Meara

"Professionalizing Second Language Writing" is an edited collection that bring together perspectives of second language writing specialists who shed light on second language writing as a…