The Dual Enrollment Kaleidoscope

Reconfiguring Perceptions of First-Year Writing and Composition Studies

Edited by Casie Moreland

Winner of the 2024 CCCC Outstanding Edited Collection Award

"The Dual Enrollment Kaleidoscope" serves as a starting point for elevating the voices of those who do dual enrollment (DE) work—those who historicize, legitimize, scrutinize, critically analyze, align, and assess it—pushing readers beyond unique, singular views of DE first-year composition and positioning DE’s impact on composition instruction as one that shifts dependent upon perspective. Just as kaleidoscopes reconfigure images, DE provides writing studies with reflecting images of what FYC was, is, and could be.

DE disrupts long-held beliefs about who should take and who should teach college writing. Giving higher education pause about the place of writing instruction within the academy, DE force those in the field to reflect upon the purposes and value of FYC and its pedagogical approaches. Featuring seventeen chapters written by a wide and diverse range of authors, this collection includes the voices of prominent scholars in rhetoric and composition at two- and four-year public and private institutions, as well as emerging scholars in the field. It also features a variety of methodologies, including archival research, quantitative and qualitative data collection, and autoethnography.

Few texts have been published on dual enrollment writing in rhetoric and composition studies. "The Dual Enrollment Kaleidoscope" should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in or tasked with doing the work of DE writing instruction, administration, mentoring, or assessment.


Co-editor Casie Moreland is an Arizona State University graduate, having earned a PhD in English (writing, rhetorics and literacies) in 2018.

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[Christine Denecker and Casie Moreland] challenge us to consider what is really happening in the educational world and how it could be improved.

Society for Technical Communication

A bedrock of scholarship. This collection is setting the standard for future scholarship in dual enrollment.

Jaime Armin Mejía Texas State University
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Utah State University Press

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