Where We Belong

I've been trying to remember a story.
Can you help me?
A long time ago our ancestors told it to us.
I think it has to do with where we belong.

In 2015, Mohegan Theater Maker Madeline Sayet travelled to England to pursue a PhD in Shakespeare, but her voyage across the ocean became an unexpected journey of transformation. Riding the spirit wind of her Mohegan ancestors who crossed the Atlantic in the 1700s on diplomatic missions to protect her people, "Where We Belong" is a search for belonging in a globalized world. It is at once a rich investigation into the impulses that divide and connect us as people, but it is also about a wolf that learns how to become a bird and fly.


Madeline Sayet is clinical assistant professor in the Department of English at ASU’s literature program, where she is also an affiliate of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Praise for this book

A wrenching meditation on appropriation, cultural genocide and how to best honor one's ancestry.

Thomas Floyd The Washington Post