Second Language Writing

History, Identity, Pedagogy and Professional Development

The author of this book, Paul Kei Matsuda, was a former president of the American Society of Applied Linguistics, and is now an English professor at Arizona State University, a second language writing tutor, and the founder of the second language writing seminar. He is Editor of the Second Language Writing Series at Parlor Press and has published research on language, identity, writing and teaching. This book includes 18 papers published by the author in foreign professional journals, discusses the history, identity, pedagogy and professional development of second language writing, presents an overview of second language writing research, and helps readers understand how to use the characteristics of the text. In addition to researching the concept of "voice" in writing, and providing guidance for teachers who want to improve their own writing skills.


Paul Kei Matsuda is a professor in the Department of English at ASU, where he is director of second language writing.

Second Language Writing History, Identity, Pedagogy and Professional Development text
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Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press