The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Edited by Robert E. Bjork

"The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages" is a major new reference resource for all key aspects of European history, society, religion, and culture from circa 500 CE to circa 1500 CE. During this time, neighboring areas of Asia and North Africa greatly influenced and helped shape the civilization of the West. Relevant aspects of the Byzantine Empire, the Islamic dynasties, and Asiatic peoples such as the Avars and the Mongols are also included in this comprehensive work. Coverage spanning the whole geographical extent of the European Middle Ages and balanced treatments of 16 topics centrally important to the study of the period distinguish "The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages" from all other resources on the subject.

Over 800 scholars, guided by a five-member international advisory board and an international editorial board of 26, have written the over 5,000 entries that make up this extraordinary four-volume set. These entries have been lavishly supplemented by more than 500 illustrations and 40 maps. This dictionary will appeal to both medievalists needing a detailed and reliable reference tool for their own research and teaching, and nonspecialists needing an accessible guide to the study of the Middle Ages.


Robert E. Bjork is a foundation professor in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

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'The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages' is the best concise medieval encyclopedia currently available, highly recommended for academic and large public libraries.

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