EFL Writing Teacher Education and Professional Development

Voices from Under-Represented Contexts

Edited by Tanita Saenkhum

This book explores how EFL writing teacher education is theoretically, pedagogically, methodologically and sociopolitically shaped, given teachers' unique local contexts and circumstances. It showcases practitioners and researchers teaching in, or studying, geographic areas that have as yet been under-represented in international publications, and it focuses on ways that specific contexts create unique opportunities and constraints on what developing teachers know and do in their work. The chapters prioritize local voices and materials to build a more inclusive and comprehensive picture of L2 writing globally, enabling the book as a whole to both document and further shape pedagogical approaches to L2 writing. Readers will be able to use the unique insights contained in this book in their own classrooms and professional development activities.


Tanita Saenkhum earned a PhD in English at Arizona State University in 2012.

Praise for this book

This book is a timely, accessible, and informative contribution to scholarship on writing teacher development that addresses important gaps in the field as related to the under-represented EFL context. It is impressive in its depth and scope of coverage and is notable for its emphasis on local voices across a global landscape.

Alan Hirvela Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

This is a groundbreaking edited volume that amplifies the voices of EFL writing educators from under-represented countries. The rich collection in the book offers innovative strategies, diverse perspectives and empowering narratives, giving EFL writing teachers invaluable insights into fostering effective writing pedagogies in diverse linguistic contexts. An indispensable resource for EFL writing instructors.

Willy Ardian Renandya Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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Multilingual Matters

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