Cultivating Young Multilingual Writers

Nurturing Voices and Stories in and beyond the Classroom Walls

This book is written for K–5 educators who are interested in cultivating young writers by designing and facilitating writing instruction that begins with the resources that students bring to the classrooms from their families, homes, and communities. This kind of asset-based and individualized instruction is designed to meet the unique writing needs of each young writer.

K–5 educators teaching in shifting contexts encounter an array of challenges daily, from restrictive language policies and mandates to heightened accountability measures that often dictate the design of their writing time and instruction. Flores and Fránquiz focus on elementary school teachers working with young writers in varying educational contexts, including dual language, bilingual, and English Only contexts, and in particular students who come from culturally and linguistically diverse settings.

Part of the Principles in Practice imprint, this book also includes a robust list of resources for writing teachers, as well as helpful insights for:

* Getting multilingual students writing beyond the classroom walls
* Designing a writing community that works for all your learners
* Using writing conferences as a social practice
* Inviting the use of all linguistic, cultural, and experiential resources


Tracey T. Flores is a graduate of ASU, having earned a PhD in English (English education) in 2017.

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