Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities

A Collection of Space Futures

Edited by Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn

Why should we go to space? To learn more about the universe and our place in it? To extract resources and conduct commerce? To demonstrate national primacy and technological prowess? To live and thrive in radically different kinds of human communities? "Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities" takes on the challenge of imagining new stories at the intersection of public and private — narratives that use the economic and social history of exploration, as well as current technical and scientific research, to inform scenarios for the future of the “new space” era.

"Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities" provides fresh insights into human activity in Low Earth Orbit, journeys to Mars, capturing and mining asteroids, and exploring strange and uncharted exoplanets. Its stories and essays imagine human expansion into space as a kind of domestication — not in the sense of taming nature but in the sense of creating a space for dwelling, a venue for human life and curiosity to unfurl in all their weirdness and complexity.


Ed Finn is the founding director of the Center for Science and the Imagination at ASU and an assistant professor in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and the Department of English.

Joey Eschrich is the editor and program manager at the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University, where he also earned his BA in film and media studies in 2008.

Cover for the edited volume "Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities: A Collection of Space Futures," depicting the inside of a futuristic space station.
Date published
Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University

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