Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Cover for the edited volume "Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities: A Collection of Space Futures," depicting the inside of a futuristic space station.

Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities

A Collection of Space Futures

Edited by Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn

Why should we go to space? To learn more about the universe and our place in it? To extract resources and conduct commerce? To demonstrate national primacy and technological prowess? To…

Great Comedy Films book cover

Great Comedy Films

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Funny Movies

Chris LaMont

The scandalous world of Great Comedy Films is torn wide-open, with sordid tales of sex, money, drugs, power, prostitution, hedonism and shenanigans that make this book a "must-buy." Now…

The Religious Imagination book cover

The Religious Imagination in Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Renata Hejduk and Jim Williamson

This anthology collects, substaniates, and demonstrates the importance of the religious imagination within Western modern and contemporary architecture. The essays written expressly for…

Comprehensive Contemporary Acting book cover

Comprehensive Contemporary Acting

A 21st Century Companion for Actors, Directors and Writers in Stage, Television and Film (Revised Edition)

Shawn Clement Nelson

Edited by Lucia Redman Silva

"Comprehensive Contemporary Acting" is a cutting-edge, unconventional approach to the performance experience. Joining classic philosophy with groundbreaking technique, it is the film…

Wheels Within Wheels book cover

Wheels Within Wheels

A Study of Rhythm

Jacob Adler

"Wheels within Wheels" includes a series of progressively complex exercises, step-by-step explanations on how to perform polyrhythmic cycles, raw material for improvisation, a method for…

Understanding the Business of Entertainment book cover

Understanding the Business of Entertainment

The Legal and Business Essentials All Filmmakers Should Know

Gregory Bernstein

Understanding the Business of Entertainment: The Legal and Business Essentials All Filmmakers Should Know is a guide to the legal and business aspects of the entertainment industry. The…

Drown River book cover

Drowned River

The Death and Rebirth of Glen Canyon on the Colorado

Mark Klett

In 1963, the waters began rising behind Glen Canyon Dam and 170 miles of the Colorado River slowly disappeared as the riverbed and its surrounding wild canyons filled with water. The dam…

Riemannian Computing in Computer Vision book cover

Riemannian Computing in Computer Vision

Edited by Pavan Turaga and Anuj Srivastava

This book presents a comprehensive treatise on Riemannian geometric computations and related statistical inferences in several computer vision problems. This edited volume includes…

Six Monologues 1990-2007 book cover

Six Monologues 1990-2007

Jeff McMahon

Edited by Caridad Svich

NoPassport Press' "Dreaming the Americas" series collects six of McMahon's solo performance scripts spanning socio-political, queer and historical contexts: "Discontents," "Scatter," …

El Camino del Diablo book cover

El Camino del Diablo

Mark Klett

Much of Mark Klett’s photography centers on a conversation with historical images. For this project, Klett worked only with the account of a young mining engineer named Raphael Pumpelly…