Summer's Blood

The Neon Diaries Book 1

Author Adele Royce

A wealthy Los Angeles ad executive, Craig Keller has it all-a loving family and lavish lifestyle steeped in glamor and success. But beneath the luxurious facade, he is tormented by guilt over his brother DJ's death in a yacht accident thirty years ago, which left no body.

Tragedy strikes with the death of Craig's father, but nothing prepares Craig for the ghosts of his past coming back to haunt him at the funeral. He is suddenly forced to face the question that has plagued him for three decades: What really happened the day DJ disappeared? Desperate for answers, Craig is drawn into the dark underbelly of Las Vegas, where a shocking secret and an organized crime syndicate's greed will collide, throwing Craig into the fight of-and for-his life.

Delving into secrets hidden in the shadows, and the darkness of the criminal underworld, Adele Royce's first installment in her new contemporary thriller series will have readers holding their breath until the heart-pounding finale.


Adele Royce earned a BA in English at Arizona State University in 1992.

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