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Subversive Stages book cover

Subversive Stages

Theater in Pre and Post Communist Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria

Ileana Orlich

Exploring theater practices in communist and post-communist Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, this book analyzes intertextuality or “inter-theatricality” as a political strategy, designed…

Experimental Latin American Cinema

Cynthia Tompkins

Analyzing 17 recent films by eleven different filmmakers from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru, Cynthia Tompkins uses a comparative approach that finds commonalities…

Latin American Documentary Filmmaking

David William Foster

“Latin American Documentary Filmmaking” is the first volume written in English to explore Latin American documentary filmmaking with extensive and intelligent analysis. David William…

Battles, Betrayals, and Brotherhood

Early Chinese Plays on the Three Kingdoms

Translated by Wilt L. Idema and Stephen H. West

No cycle of historical legends has enjoyed greater or more enduring popularity in China than that of the Three Kingdoms, which recounts the dramatic story of the civil wars (c. AD 180…

Staging Stalinism in Post-Communist Romanian Theatre

Ileana Orlich

The plays examined in this book indicate that the Romanian post-Communist theatre manifests an abiding interest in Stalinist politics, possibly more than in traditional dramatic plot and…

Basements and Other Museums by Vedran Husić

Basements and Other Museums

Vedran Husić

"With the precision of a surgeon and a poet's reverberant intelligence, Vedran Husić gives us stories of children growing up in war-ravaged Bosnia, a world of vanishing fathers, games…

Great Comedy Films book cover

Great Comedy Films

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Funny Movies

Chris LaMont

The scandalous world of Great Comedy Films is torn wide-open, with sordid tales of sex, money, drugs, power, prostitution, hedonism and shenanigans that make this book a "must-buy." Now…

Comprehensive Contemporary Acting book cover

Comprehensive Contemporary Acting

A 21st Century Companion for Actors, Directors and Writers in Stage, Television and Film (Revised Edition)

Shawn Clement Nelson

Edited by Lucia Redman Silva

"Comprehensive Contemporary Acting" is a cutting-edge, unconventional approach to the performance experience. Joining classic philosophy with groundbreaking technique, it is the film…

Understanding the Business of Entertainment book cover

Understanding the Business of Entertainment

The Legal and Business Essentials All Filmmakers Should Know

Gregory Bernstein

Understanding the Business of Entertainment: The Legal and Business Essentials All Filmmakers Should Know is a guide to the legal and business aspects of the entertainment industry. The…

Six Monologues 1990-2007 book cover

Six Monologues 1990-2007

Jeff McMahon

Edited by Caridad Svich

NoPassport Press' "Dreaming the Americas" series collects six of McMahon's solo performance scripts spanning socio-political, queer and historical contexts: "Discontents," "Scatter," …