Radio Days

by Ha Jaeyoun

Translated by Sue Hyon Bae

"Radio Days" offers a unique collection by Ha Jaeyoun in a distinct, clear style, distinguishing it from her previous works in English. Although her poems range widely in topic, they are united by lucid language and breathtaking imagery. Through vivid impressions of humid childhood summers, "Radio Days" is an extended meditation on the heartbreak of growing up and being alive. Together, the poems create a whimsical, quietly unsettling, and nostalgic universe that is easily entered while refusing to make obvious statements on loss and love.


Sue Hyon Bae is an ASU graduate, having earned a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing in 2017.

Praise for this book

Don’t be fooled by the crisp, clear, and deceptively straightforward language of Sue Hyon Bae’s extraordinary translation of Ha Jaeyoun’s 'Radio Days.' As you read, you will discover that the ambitious philosophical questions these poems ask only seem to multiply. At turns surreal and disconcertingly quotidian, these poems quietly destabilize our beliefs about language, perception, and the self. This volume is as elegant and understated as it is conceptually groundbreaking.

Kristina Marie Darling
Blue text of "Radio Days"
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Black Ocean

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