Princess Smile

Author Adele Royce

Lovable but flawed Jane Mercer struggles with her self-image while reaching for the stars in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles marketing. As she claws her way up the ladder at the agency, Warren Mitchell & Associates, she is driven into fierce competition with her colleagues. When Jane is coerced to comply with a client’s unreasonable requests, she frantically seeks an escape.

Enter the handsome and wealthy Craig Keller, managing partner of rival agency Keller Whitman Group. Jane has admired him from afar, and he’s taken a sudden interest in her. Craig lures Jane into his corporate web, showing her a high-powered world beyond her wildest dreams. But what he has to offer comes with a high price—one Jane is not sure she can pay.

A high stakes tale of ambition, friendship, secrets, brutality and desire, "Princess Smile" is a must-read for the contemporary woman.


Adele Royce earned a BA in English at Arizona State University in 1992.

Praise for this book

In this enthralling first book of the Truth, Lies, and Love in Advertising series, author Adele Royce deftly lays bare the anatomy of Jane Mercer's treacherous insecurities. Your heart will ache as Jane seeks solace from her humiliation and pain in retail therapy, alcohol, and a dangerous liaison, all to quiet that voice always whispering to her that she will never measure up. 'Princess Smile' is hard to put down, and even harder to forget.

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