Millennial Roost


"Dustin Pearson's debut collection, 'Millennial Roost,' is exemplary of lyric alchemy at its most powerful. In Pearson's hands, the stunning story of a young man's fateful encounter with someone he dubs both 'chicken and monster,' who threatens his very being, is transformed into parable by his capacity to name his enemy. 'I think I'll call him Mr. Hen,' he says simply, casting cowardice as the evil heart of predation. His ability, as it turns out, is the ancient power of the poet-shaman. In 'Millennial Roost,' Pearson alchemizes the lead of trauma into the gold of song." —Cynthia Hogue


Dustin Pearson, a 2017 graduate of Arizona State University's MFA in creative writing program, is a McKnight Doctoral Fellow in Creative Writing at Florida State University. Pearson has served as the editor of Hayden’s Ferry Review and a director of the Clemson Literary Festival.

Praise for this book

The poems in 'Millennial Roost' are devastating. In a series of epistles, the speaker addresses Mr. Hen, an allegorical predator, in order to defy and mock and query and dismiss him. 'I survive you,' the speaker says. This is a phenomenal debut.

Jillian Weise

This is a beautifully necessary book.

Jericho Brown
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