Gender and sexuality

Cover of What Drowns the Flowers in Your Mouth by Rigoberto González

What Drowns the Flowers in Your Mouth

A Memoir of Brotherhood

Rigoberto González

Burdened by poverty, illiteracy, and vulnerability as Mexican immigrants to California's Coachella Valley, three generations of González men turn to vices or withdraw into depression. As…

Cover of Millennial Roost by Dustin Pearson

Millennial Roost


Dustin Pearson

"Dustin Pearson's debut collection, 'Millennial Roost,' is exemplary of lyric alchemy at its most powerful. In Pearson's hands, the stunning story of a young man's fateful encounter with…

Cover of Meet behind Mars by Renee Simms

Meet Behind Mars


Renee Simms

In many of her stories, Simms exposes her own interest in issues concerning time and space. For example, in "Rebel Airplanes," an L.A. engineer works by day on city sewers and by night…

Cover of Quo Vadis, Baby? translated by Taylor Corse and Juliann Vitullo

Quo Vadis, Baby?

Grazia Verasani

Translated by Taylor Corse and Juliann Vitullo

At first glance, Private Detective Giorgia Cantini is not a pretty sight as she sits at a bar, downing her fourth cocktail of the night, feeling moody and obnoxious. Brutally honest, she…

Six Monologues 1990-2007 book cover

Six Monologues 1990-2007

Jeff McMahon

Edited by Caridad Svich

NoPassport Press' "Dreaming the Americas" series collects six of McMahon's solo performance scripts spanning socio-political, queer and historical contexts: "Discontents," "Scatter," …

Bodywork book cover


Liz Cohen

This instantly collectible limited edition artist's book — featuring rounded edges and nine blown-in, four-color photographic images — documents a recent project by the daring and witty…

The 5 P's book cover

The 5 P's

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Liz Cohen

"I’ve been building a car at Elwood Bodyworks for a couple of years. Bill Cherry’s my mentor. He lets me use his tools and constantly reminds me of the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents…

Women's Bands in America: Performing Music and Gender bbok cover

Women's Bands in America

Performing Music and Gender

Edited by Jill M. Sullivan

"Women's Bands in America" is the first comprehensive exploration of women’s bands across the three centuries in American history. Contributors trace women's emerging roles in society as…

Sally Field Can Play The Transsexual book cover

Sally Field Can Play the Transsexual

Or I Was Cursed by Polly Holiday

Leslie L. Smith

A 2015 Reader's Favorite Finalist, this tale of sex, loss, redemption and pharmaceuticals in the modern AIDS era that will make you laugh, break your heart and inspire you. Leslie L…

Cover of Doe by Aimée Baker


Aimée Baker

"Doe" began as author Aimée Baker's attempt to understand and process the news coverage of a single unidentified woman whose body was thrown from a car leaving Phoenix, Arizona. It soon…