Manhattan: The Rising War

Author Sal Cosenza

A surreal, genre-blending adventure in a reimagined “city that never sleeps…”

Inspired by Sal Cosenza’s acclaimed painting series, as well as his decades-long fascination with the city’s landmarks and icons, MANHATTAN: THE RISING WAR is an ambitious, otherworldly evocation of urban living, and what it means to be a part of it.

Lady Liberty, that classic icon in the harbor, is born as a living, breathing building under the eye of eager spectators on a strange island called Manhattan. Before long, the colossal statue, whose very existence is an amazing feat of architectural magic, learns of her human creator’s desire to raise her based on life-giving ways of the ancient god, Schist. But her creator also warns of the rage-fueled deity called Pegmatite, even as Lady Liberty motivates humanity with a new wave of “towering giants'' that welcomes all and inspires the world with endless possibilities.

When fringe factions favoring Pegmatite’s destructive ways suddenly turn on Lady Liberty and her friends, the threat to peace grows darker. As this terror order’s plans unfold and its twisted leader rattles Manhattan’s foundation like never before, a mysterious new living tower, in tandem with Lady Liberty and her kind, must rise to help the city defend itself against all odds.

At its heart, MANHATTAN: THE RISING WAR is a story about community and courage at a towering scale—an apt take on a city marking its 400th Anniversary, with no sign of slowing down. Come to Manhattan…


Sal Cosenza is a painter, design educator, author, and former architectural designer, whose work often depicts anthropomorphic characterizations of famous buildings and other iconography. He is the creator of over 100 paintings and several acclaimed artwork series, including the award-winning MANHATTAN, MONUSCAPE, and DOMESTIC NEW YORK collections, while his short stories and illustrations have been featured in the widely-circulated Commercial Observer real estate publication. He currently lives in Arizona.

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MANHATTAN: THE RISING WAR is a lush, sweeping epic tale of the towers that define our landscape. Sal Cosenza paints an irresistible and exciting world that will pull readers in and keep them turning pages long into the night.

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