Gospel of Regicide


Author Eunsong Kim

Poetry. "The Gospel of Regicide" takes the Gnostic text The Gospel of Judas as a loose primer in the production of fundamental rupture. The book interrogates the construction of insurrection predicated on a designed/planned treachery. It takes seriously the disconcerting claim that our current political narratives rely on biblical meaning—and fixates on the composition of rupture as poetic fodder.


Eunsong Kim was an associate professor of English at ASU from 2022-2023.

Praise for this book

Here, story itself becomes the very place that works against nostalgia, autobiography, the reification of memory in all its forms. Instead, Kim writes the void-pivot of 'a plot without faith.' By evoking a space that can't be catalogued or recuperated by conventional means, Kim is able to develop her work in the axial space of duration, performance and the extreme poetry that accompanies the 'revisions' [deletions, mutations] of both these scripts. 'Gospel of Regicide' is a brilliant book. I want to start a trans-global book club to think about it more. Would you like to join?

Bhanu Kapil