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A poetic study of the eternal, T. R. Hummer’s new collection "Eon," as with the other volumes in this trilogy — "Ephemeron" and "Skandalon" — offers meditations on the brief arc of our existence, death, and beyond. With vivid, corporeal imagery and metaphysical flourishes, the poet explores how the dead influence the ways we understand ourselves. Anchored with a series of poems that can be read as extended epitaphs, the collection closes with a gesture toward the redemptive power of love. In the tradition of Rainer Maria Rilke, Emily Dickinson, and Philip Levine, "Eon" shows us the power of being “simple expressions of our earth. It imagined us, / And was imagined by something nameless in return.”


T. R. Hummer is professor emeritus of English at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

'Eon' is haunted by death so alive and busy we need to be called back — by sex, by love, by the task at hand — from realms of ghosts to the world of the living. It begins with the broken and bereaved, moves through elegy, and brings us at last to the miracle of ordinary life and the beloved. Come along for the ride.

Robert Archambeau

Hummer's 'Eon' shows he's a master not just of form, these painstaking precise enjambments, but of attention to the past, which is really a reluctance to say goodbye to the world. These poems tell me: we're here for now, maybe not for long, but the beauty in a poem that shows what a spirit is like can be here perhaps forever.

Sean Singer
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