Cherokee Family Reunion

Inspired by the memoirs of Henry S. Timberlake

This modern-day Brady Bunch blends two nearly grown families when a Cherokee man, John, and a white woman, Emma, get married and move into his small community, surrounded by his family. Before the wedding decorations are down, the two groups are thrown into planning the biggest family reunion in Cherokee, N.C., complete with a historical reenactment! Looking for acceptance, Emma hopes that playing out the story of Henry Timberlake, a white explorer visiting the Cherokees in the 1700s, will help the kids realize what it is like to fit into a foreign world. Instead, cultures clash, young love blooms and history threatens to repeat itself. Through music, dance and some wild fights, everyone learns what it really means to be a family.


Larissa FastHorse is a professor of practice in the Department of English and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

'Cherokee Family Reunion' blends both the history of the Cherokee people with struggles that all people face today.

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