Open lab

The Data Science Lab welcomes students, staff, and faculty of all disciplines and levels to collaborate on common projects. We host regular workshops and applied project open lab sessions to provide mentorship, hands on exercises, and networking opportunities to help you learn and use data science as a way to solve real-world problems.

Lab sessions

Our open labs provide an opportunity to understand concepts and develop skills in data science. 

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Spring 2021 labs

Spring 2021 labs will meet virtually on the following Wednesdays from 10 am - 11 am

Jan 20th - Semester kickoff
Feb 3rd - Motivational interviewing 
Feb 10th -  Playful approaches to social data
Feb 24th - Counterfactual in data science
Mar 10th - Agent base modeling
Mar 24th - Data quality and ephemerality in social media
Apr 7th - Topological data analysis
Apr 14th - A personal journey in the broad and fuzzy world of data science


To attend each lab click here to participate via Zoom



Applied projects

Provide an opportunity to work directly in groups or individually on research projects spanning social science, biology, humanities, policy, computer science and engineering. Want to improve your coding skills, work on cutting edge data science research, or even just to start from the basics, you are invited to participate! 

Homelessness clustering algorithms - Identify clusters of people based on their usage of homelessness services in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Chest x-ray pneumonia detection & image classifier - Utilize a neural network to classify chest x-ray images of lungs with or without pneumonia.

Microplastic detection & image classifier - Automate image processing and classification of microplastics to aid in research regarding their impact on the environment and public health.

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Small talks

Is an opportunity to chat about data science. Grab a couple of your friends, contact us at, and we will schedule and facilitate a virtual conversation.

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