Meet the team

We are constantly exploring new research questions, projects and collaborators. With direct access to librarians, collections and data sets, the Unit for Data Science and Analytics, headquartered in Hayden Library on ASU's Tempe campus, is uniquely equipped to connect people, ideas and resources university-wide.

Come to our open sessions. Our team regularly hosts work-ins, meet and greets, and other events that are open to ASU students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

Collaborate with our team. Show us what you’re working on or just come explore. If you are new to this domain, that’s even better. Discover how your expertise and interests fit in.

Consult on a specific issue. We can connect you with people, resources, and more through our networks across ASU and within ASU Library.

Faculty Affiliate information and procedure

The Unit for Data Science & Analytics (UDSA) Lab Faculty Affiliates are a diverse group of ASU scholars who are pursuing data science research or interested in making data science applications part of their future work. Membership as a lab faculty affiliate is open to all ASU faculty members whose teaching and/or research activities  and plans involve the topic of data science. Possible areas include machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, text and data mining, and areas pertaining to acquiring, cleaning, and evaluating data. Lab affiliates bring a wide range of professional research experiences and provide input to help shape the future direction of the field, the lab, and the students. 

As an UDSA Affiliate, you will have the opportunity to:

Attend weekly lab updates, providing opportunities to partner with an active and engaged research data science community. Our lab affiliate connects students and colleagues around the university who are also focused on researching key questions relating to data science.

Receive feedback on your work periodically throughout the academic year from UDSA faculty and staff.

Receive support for your research from the UDSA Lab. Forms of support include collaborative grant writing, mentorships of students, project managements, lab computers, and eligible to reserve lab space.

Be informed about new projects, programs, and events related to both inside and outside the ASU community.

Hire students through the UDSA to work on existing or upcoming projects. UDSA supervises and mentors student hires.

UDSA Faculty Affiliate commitments:

Attend a minimum of 4 UDSA labs/workshops

Attend a minimum of weekly UDSA meeting each month for grant supported affiliates who hire students through UDSA

Apply HERE to be considered for an UDSA Faculty Affiliate! 

Who we are

  • Michael Simeone

    Michael Simeone, Director, Data Science and Analytics

    Before joining the library, Michael was the founding director of ASU’s Nexus Lab for Digital Humanities and Transdisciplinary Informatics, and the Associate Director of the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. He earned his PhD in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  • David Little

    David Little, Library Data Scientist

    David brings a wealth of experience to his role, including his doctoral research that emphasizes data mining and the design of experiments. Previously, David has worked as a Process Engineering Program Director for Banner Health, where he performed high-level analysis projects and created statistical models, and has worked as a Data Scientist for multiple organizations.

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  • Kerri Rittschof

    Kerri Rittschof, Program Manager, Data Science and Analytics

    Kerri’s expertise is in developing, implementing and maintaining programs; managing teams and activities; conducting research and writing reports. Prior to joining the library, she was an ASU Program Manager, leading a team of researchers to evaluate evidence-based programs and collaborate with child social welfare agencies. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.

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  • Shawn Walker

    Shawn Walker, Assistant Professor

    Shawn is an Assistant Professor of Critical Data Studies in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences on ASU’s West Campus. His research focuses on mis/disinformation and online resistance circulating in social media during social movements, protests, and elections as well as the related challenges of collecting, analyzing, and preserving data from social media platforms.  He received his PhD in Information Science from the  [University of Washington Information School](  and is a founding member of the  Datacification Lab.

    Website:, @walkeroh

  • Joffa Applegate

    Joffa Applegate, Assistant Research Professor

    Joffa M. Applegate is an Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University, and a member of the Complex Systems Research Group, Policy Informatics @ The Decision Theatre and The Global Climate Forum. She holds a master’s degree in Physics and a doctorate in Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences with a concentration in Complex Adaptive Systems Sciences from ASU. Her areas of expertise are complexity economics and complex systems modeling, including multi-agent, dynamical and network modeling.


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