Author Brandon Blue

Confronting held narratives of black queer life, "Snap.Shot" strives to answer questions of belonging, identity, and survival. In poems directed by personal narrative, engagement with art, and the erotic, "Snap.Shot" grounds the reader in a fragmented speaker in order to create a self resilient enough to brave devastation. From sword swallower to bug, mother to dominatrix, these poems shapeshift and ask the reader to trace their own moments of tribulation and triumph to reflect on how they came together to make something entirely new, a "Snap.Shot" of a life.


Brandon Blue is a student in the ASU Department of English’s MFA in creative writing program.

Praise for this book

In language that’s fresh and in poems guided by formal invention, Brandon Blue’s 'Snap.Shot' describes love’s passages of joy and sadness, the pleasures and perils of physical and emotional passion. 'Snap.Shot' is a convincing and promising introduction to a deft new voice in American poetry.

Michael Collier Author of "The Clasp and Other Poems"
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Finishing Line Press

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