Scratching the Ghost


Author Dexter Booth

The poems in this book are lyric, meditational and narrative approaches to autobiographical tales. These works, through various poetic forms, are an attempt to assess and equate personal life experiences with those larger human and universal occasions. Spanning both physical time (a cross-country move from Virginia to Arizona) and spatial time (Virginia and Mississippi during the civil rights movement), the works evaluate and validate the human experiences of loss. Through poems addressed to various family members and historical figures, the book attempts to terms with the often humorous, often terrifying experience of being an African-American male in the United States in the 21st century.


Dexter Booth earned a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at Arizona State University in 2012.

Praise for this book

After finishing these 96 pages I found myself cut off from some of the best writing I've read in a long time, without a library of work to feed my incessant need for more Dexter Booth. Here's to hoping he comes out with more entrancing work in the near future.

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