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Get published! Researcher Support can assist with research dissemination and traditional publication. If you are a new author, get help choosing the right venue for your work. Experienced authors can benefit from insight into intellectual property rights and ways that ensure maximum impact for any research publication.

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Research Data Repository Services

Coming Soon!
Coordinating with Knowledge Enterprise Research Data Management, ASU Library will soon present a new interdisciplinary research data repository powered by Dataverse an open-source research data repository software that allows researchers to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data.

  • Specifically facilitates making data available to others and allows for the replication of others' work more easily.
  • Link you research datasets and suplimentary materials to your articles and institutional repository submissions.
  • Write our repository into your proposal data management plan with the DMPTool.(Use institutional sign in and select Arizona State University)
  • Contact ASU Library Researcher Support to get more information or request a consultation with a librarian.

What do we consider research data?  Quantitative in the form of spatial and tabular files, remoting sensing output. Qualitative information  such as documentation, interviews, and survey results. Suppliimentary information including photos, digitized physical samples, and recordings.

Researchers, journals, data authors, publishers, data distributors, and affiliated institutions all receive academic credit and web visibility through our research data repository.

ASU Digital Repository

The ASU Digital Repository provides an open access platform for broad dissemination of your scholarly work. Share and get credit for your work. Additionally, posting your scholarly works in the the repository complies with ASU's Open Access Policy and helps meet many funding agency article or data sharing policies.

Coming Soon!

ASU Library’s updated digital repository is expanding and will create a whole new experience, with an improved user interface and enhanced metadata, increasing user access and discovery to your work.  

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