Maps and materials

Thousands of maps and related cartographic materials -- such as atlases, globes, and books on cartography -- are available through the Map and Geospatial Hub.

Maps Available in the Map and Geospatial Hub

Geologic Maps

We hold geologic maps from USGS, AAGS, and the Arizona Geological Survey, as well as from various other sources covering other US states and countries.

Historic Maps

Reproductions and original prints of historic maps, primarily of states, regions, and cities of the greater American Southwest.

Topographic Maps

Thousands of topographic maps covering a range of scales and geographic regions.


A range of atlases from world to regional coverage are found in the Map and Geospatial Hub and other ASU Library locations; they can be found through a quick library catalog search.

Globes Globes

Several globes are available for in-room study, including spherical scaled models of the Earth (including Earth's plate tectonics), the Moon, and Mars.

Cartography Books

Over 1,800 books on cartography are available. These publications cover the art, science, history, and methods of mapmaking. Use the library catalog to search for these books.

Federal Depository Library Program Federal Depository Library Program

ASU Library is a Federal Depository Library. We maintain a collection of current maps produced by US government agencies. Click on the link above to learn more.