Solving Modern Problems With a Stone-Age Brain

Human Evolution and the Seven Fundamental Motives

Sharing stories and advice rooted in the science of evolutionary psychology, father and son authors Doug Kenrick and David Lundberg-Kenrick pinpoint the dangers of stone-age problem solving for our lives today, and present a new, systematic way to survive and be happy in the modern world.

Over millennia, we humans have evolved a set of motivational systems to help us solve the seven basic problems of existence: surviving, protecting ourselves from dangerous others, forming friendships, winning respect, attracting mates, hanging onto mates, and caring for our families. We seek the same goals in the 21st century. However, the saber-tooth tigers and rival tribes that once threatened us have been replaced by marketers peddling sugar-laden foods, pundits fanning the culture war flames, and payday loan companies scamming those who can least afford it.

Through a series of engaging narratives and science-based life tips, this book helps us see past our electronics and lattes and gain helpful insights into achieving the life we want.


Douglas Kenrick is President's Professor of psychology at ASU.

David Lundberg-Kenrick is a creative director in the Department of Psychology at ASU.

Praise for this book

This book is a great introduction to evolutionary psychology, a handy and useful handbook of practical advice, and a delightfully touching father-and-son collaborative tale.

Jim Allen, PhD Author, "The Psychology of Happiness in the Modern World: A Social Psychological Approach"

Doug Kenrick is no ordinary professor, and this is no ordinary book...Great fun and hugely insightful!

William Von Hippel, PhD University of Queensland, St. Lucia; author, "The Social Leap"
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