The Price of Fame

Privacy Risks in the Digital Era of Image Sharing

In this digital age, image sharing is an integral part of daily life. With the proliferation of social media, messaging apps and peer encouragement, it is easier than ever to share photos and videos with friends, family, and strangers online. However, sharing images also comes with privacy risks. Facial recognition technology, location tracking, and metadata can all be used to gather information about us, without our knowledge or consent. This book explores the privacy risks of sharing images and provides practical advice on how to protect your privacy online. We start by discussing the power of images in society and how image sharing has evolved over time. We then delve into the privacy risks associated with image sharing on social media and messaging apps. We examine the current privacy laws and regulations and provide best practices for protecting your privacy when sharing images. We also look to the future and explore the impact of emerging technologies on image sharing and privacy, and what it means for the future of privacy laws and regulations. By the end of this book, readers will have a better understanding of the risks associated with sharing images online and will have the tools and knowledge needed to protect their privacy in a connected world.


Dr. Frank Kardasz (MPA & Ed.D.) is a former law enforcement officer who teaches at several colleges and universities. His works have been published in law enforcement-related books, journals and magazines and he has presented nationally to legislators, community groups and law enforcement officers on a diverse range of topics including cybercrime, investigations, supervision & management, ethics, mental health awareness and firearms. Over his 30 -year sworn law enforcement and teaching career, his assignments included: patrol, vice, special (undercover) projects, organized crime, firearms instructor, use of force/disciplinary review boards, planning & research, and Commander of ICAC Task Force operations in Arizona and Hawaii. Frank received numerous commendations and service awards throughout his tenure. As a lifelong learner he holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a master’s degree in public administration from Arizona State University, a Doctorate in Education from Northern Arizona University, and hundreds of hours of additional training and certifications across an eclectic variety of subjects.

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