Business and management

Cover of The Discourse of Business Meetings by Fatma M. AlHaidari

The Discourse of Business Meetings

Agency and Power in Financial Organizations

Fatma M. AlHaidari

The Golden Rules cover image

The Golden Rules

10 Steps to World-Class Excellence in Your Life and Work

Charles Butler and Bob Bowman

Legacy Forward Made Easy

Ben Pandya

Women's Business Women's Wealth

Create the Life You Want at Work and in Business

Amanda Ellis

Woman 2 Woman

New Zealand Women Share Their Experiences of Careers and Business

June McCabe and Amanda Ellis

Cover of "Oil and Urbanization on the Pacific Coast" featuring a bird's eye view of a city

Oil and Urbanization on the Pacific Coast

Ralph Bramel Lloyd and the Shaping of the Urban West

Michael R. Adamson

Cover of "Reading the Rabbit" edited by Kevin Sandler featuring Bugs Bunny and a carrot background

Reading the Rabbit

Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation

Edited by Kevin S. Sandler

Cover of "The Naked Truth" by Kevin Sandler featuring a photo of a woman sitting in a chair

The Naked Truth

Why Hollywood Doesn't Make X-Rated Movies

Kevin S. Sandler

Cover of "Training to Deliver Integrated Care" with a blue background

Training to Deliver Integrated Care

Skills Aimed at the Future of Healthcare

Edited by Rodger Kessler and C. R. Macchi

Critical Leadership Theory

Critical Leadership Theory

Integrating Transdisciplinary Perspectives

Jennifer L. S. Chandler and Robert E. Kirsch