The makerspace is located on the third floor of the Hayden Library, room 310.

Please check the library hours page for current Makerspace hours.

Please head to the makerspace page and make a reservation to use the space. Once you arrive, a staff member will meet you at the door and get you started making.

We now have a service desk located in front of the makerspace. When we are opened, there should be someone to help answer any questions you have. 

Most of our appointments are limited to two patrons per reservation. If you are interested in bringing a larger group, please contact us to discuss alternative options.

Schedule a makerspace appointment online. Once you have made a reservation you will get an email confirming it has been submitted. Please wait for the follow-up email confirming or denying your request. Reason for being denied can vary but some examples may be lack of staff, equipment being down or inactive status with the university. All users must be current asu affiliate to use the services. If you have any further questions, please contact us

We would appreciate the continued use of masking while in the makerspace.  If you do not have one, we will provide one for you. 

You are able to schedule appointment times for 60 or 90 minutes, but you are not required to stay the entire time. Please arrive as close to your start time as possible. Late arrivals will still end at the appointed time. If you know you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel your reservation. This will help to open that slot for other users. Too many no shows may result in future reservations being denied.

A virtual consultation is a way to learn the process we use for 3D printing, without coming into the makerspace. We use Zoom to handle these appointments, so you must be current with the university and have a valid email that ends with .asu.edu. Use the makerspace room scheduler to make your appointment. You will be sent a Zoom link that you will use for your session. 

3D printing

Use the 3d print request form to submit your prints. If you are unable to submit your print, please set up a 3d print consultation, available either in person or virtually. We strongly suggest that you set up a consultation before you submit a print. This will help to expedite the print process and will, hopefully, get your print to you quicker. 

The makerspace has several types of 3d printers available. We have makerbot replicator 5th generation, makerbot replicator plus,raise3D, and an ultimaker 3. Please be aware that due to maintenance or other issues, not all the machines maybe available.  Please make a 3d consultation to learn more about these printers.

We have been lucky to be able to print a variety of prints, from 3d art projects to 3d renderings of a 2d item, we have seen many things go through here. 

The makerspace would like to remind you that we print at our discretion. While we will print many things, we will not print weapons or parts of weapons. Examples are guns or parts of guns. This includes items that resemble guns, like water guns or nerf items. We do not print blade or sword pieces, even if they are for a costume. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us

The best way is to schedule a 3D print consultation where one of our staff can walk you through the process. Be on the lookout for workshops. We recommend signing up for Tinkercad.com to get started with basic 3D modeling.

We use different software to slice each model depending on the printer. We suggest scheduling a 3d consultation to learn more.

3D printing is free for all current ASU students, faculty and staff. The makerspace has a limited supply of filament that we will provide for learning purposes. For larger projects and specialized prints we ask that you supply your own filament. Please contact us for recommendations.


You can stop by the Makerspace to pick up your print. A 3d consultation is not necessary, unless you are planning on using our tools to clean up the print. Please check the library hours page for more information

The timeframe will vary depending on size of the print and the type of printer used. Prints can be from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Please keep this in mind when you are submitting your print. Also, prints for classes will be put in the front of the queue. 

Due to many different factors, including the number of projects in the queue, machine availability and size of the print, we cannot guarantee your project will be completed by a specific time. We suggest that you submit your prints early. Please remember, prints for class projects will be prioritized over personal prints. 

Studio and VR rooms

The makerspace has one video recording studio and two podcast studios. We also have a VR studio available. They can be reserved using the makerspace reservation page.

4 users for our video recording studio. 2 users for the podcast studios. 3 for the vr studio. 

We ask that you please keep to these limits. If you require more users in a room at a time, please talk to the makerspace before your appointment. We are willing to work with our users to help make their project successful. 

Please, no food in the studio. We also ask that any liquids are in a re-sealable container to avoid spilling 

These studios are not to be used for zoom appointments, like interviews or classes. We would also like to remind you that these rooms are not study rooms . If they are not being correctly we will ask you to leave. 

Please be aware of your time within the studio. You are given a specific beginning and end time. Do not attempt to stay longer. We may have other users lined up and we will need to get the room ready for them. Please finish your project within the time you have reserved. Remember, late arrivals do not get their time extended. 

We provide a Canon XF300 which uses CF cards for reading and writing files.

We provide a USB to CF card reader

All computers have the full AdobeCC Suite including Premiere and AfterEffects

Each podcasting studio is equipped with a laptop, Blue Yeti microphone, and Audacity. We also provide disposable sanitary microphone covers.

Our VR studio is available to reserve. Since this is still a new room, it is only available on specific days. To make a reservation, visit the makerspace reservation page.

Vinyl cutting

The ASU Makerspace has a Roland GS-24 for larger prints and a Cricut Maker 3 for smaller projects. 

Yes, we recommend bringing your own vinyl for larger projects or if you are selling the product. The makerspace does have a small amount of vinyl to get familiar with the machines. 

We have both heat and sticker. We provide a variety of vinyl and color to practice on and for small designs. For larger projects we ask you bring your own supplies to work with.

We do not provide a laminator or lamination services.

No. ASU Print and Imaging Lab provides services for printing banners and other promotional products. 

Button maker

The makerspace does have two button-makers available. One is for makerspace use only and the other can be checked out for 3 days. If you are interested in checking it out, please get in touch with us

When using the button maker in the makerspace, we ask that you do not make more than 30 buttons at a time. We encourage clubs and organizations to bring in their own materials.

Our buttons are 1.75 inches. Check the Tecre site for templates and layout examples.

Pinfronts, pinbacks and laminate.



The makerspace will be holding various workshops at different times during the semester. For the latest information on upcoming workshops check the makerspace page.

Be on the lookout for them at ASU Events.

We encourage people of all skill levels to join our workshops. At this time, only current faculty, staff and students are able to attend. Please check our website often to see what we are offering.

We have offered several type of workshop in the past:

The introduction to 3d printing workshop teaches how to use the 3d printers from choosing a project to submitting the file to the makerspace.

Studio basics is an introduction to our video studio and its equipment.

Laser cutting basics teaches attendees the safest and best practices around our laser cutters.

Intro to sewing shows the basics of using a sewing machine to make a simple project, such as a pouch. 


We are always open to creating workshops that fit the learning needs of the space. Please contact the makerspace to share your idea.