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Grand Canyon Centennial Project


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Marking 100 years of American history, the Grand Canyon Centennial Project – also known as “100 Years of Grand” – is both a celebration and exploration of one of America’s most fascinating national parks.

The project commemorates the upcoming centennial of the legislative creation of the Grand Canyon National Park in February 1919 with the goal to enhance public understanding of the park’s history. A partnership between ASU Library, Cline Library at Northern Arizona University and the Grand Canyon National Park, this project makes accessible, for the first time, thousands of high-quality archival photographs and documents, chronicling the early history of the Grand Canyon.

Weaving together several decades of cultural, geospatial, entrepreneurial, documentary and administrative archival history, the Grand Canyon Centennial Project is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Explore the archives

Archival materials have been digitized, presented and delivered via three Arizona repositories. Photographs, documents, ephemera, maps, correspondence and original manuscripts comprise the majority of the digital images available through the online repositories of our participating institutions. Together, they weave a primary source tapestry of unparalleled depth documenting the seminal early years of the development of the Grand Canyon National Park, 1890-1940. The links below provide access to the digital repository collections.

Arizona State University Repository

The 100 Years of Grand digital archive is available through the ASU Digital Repository, home to scholarly, administrative and cultural heritage materials that support, engage and inspire the Arizona State University community. Scholarly papers, theses and audiovisual materials join university records, historical photographs and music performances in a broad and inclusive collection.

Northern Arizona University Repository

The NAU Institutional Repository houses unique research materials and the scholarly, creative and instructional output of the Northern Arizona University community.

The Grand Canyon Museum Collection is a storage and research facility located at the South Rim and dedicated to preserving over 1.5 million physical artifacts from eight different disciplines: archeology, ethnology, history, archive/manuscripts, art, biology, geology and paleontology.