100 Years of Grand Story Map

100 Years of Grand:

A Geographic Finding Aid for Archival Materials Celebrating the Grand Canyon Centennial

100 Years of Grand celebrates the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park by making newly digitized archival materials available for the first time ever.


Black and white photo of the Grand Canyon.



Black and white photo of a person with a camera and a park ranger overlooking the Grand Canyon from the North Rim. Trees are in the canyon walls and puffy white clouds are seen above the canyon.

The 100 Years of Grand project commemorates the centennial of the legislative creation of Grand Canyon National Park in February 1919.


Yellowed newspaper clipping entitled 'To Make Arizona Grand Canyon National Park'

Newspaper clipping transcript: "Washington D.C., Feb. 2 – In response to a general demand that a National Park be created at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Hon. Carl Hayden has introduced in the House a carefully prepared bill, the enactment of which will accomplish this purpose. The bill provides that certain lands now included within the Grand Canyon National Monument shall be set aside and dedicated as a public park for the benefit and enjoyment of the people under the name of the Grand Canyon National Park."


Tan brochure entitled 'Trails, Drives and Saddle Horses, El Tovar and Bright Angel Camp, Grand Canyon, Arizona Fred Harvey'. The cover page displays a black and white drawing with some hand colored areas in brown depicting two horse drawn open coaches full of passengers arriving at El Tovar with several bystanders watching. The item bears a green ink stamp for Arizona Collection Arizona State University vertical file.

Thousands of archival materials are now available through the project's partnering institutions.


Five tourists on horseback overlooking the Grand Canyon and a logo for Santa Fe Fred Harvey. It is entitled 'There's something NEW at Grand Canyon Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins.' The ephemera has a pink stamp mark that reads 'visit Williams Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon'.
Black and white photograph of a person standing next to a very tall two stage waterfall with a large cave opening behind him in the canyon wall.
 A Radio Presentation Exploring America with Carveth Wells, distributed with the compliments of Conoco Travel Bureau Denver Colorado.' The items bears a red stamp for the Arizona Collection, Arizona State University and a line drawing of a man in a pith helmet.
Off-white paper brochure entitled 'Guide Leaflet of the West Rim Drive in Grand Canyon National Park' which has a hand drawn map of South Rim destinations and a sketch of a young man and woman, one standing and one sitting on the rim and looking into the canyon. Desert plants are beside them and they are looking down at a group of tourists at an overlook with a touring car and a bus and a park ranger pointing at something to the right.


Materials from each institution's repository have been combined here for your own historical and geographical exploration.


1930's automobile with white wall tires and a male driver in a hat behind the wheel and parked in front of the Hopi Watchtower.

The project's many photographs, letters, maps, original manuscripts, ephemera, and other materials can now be more easily discovered and examined, via an easy-to-use interactive web map.


Black and white photograph depicting two visitors riding mules on the trail and looking into the canyon. The edge of the trail is reinforced with loose stones and a beautiful canyon vista is seen in the distance.


Printed color map of the Kaibab National Forest showing the entire Grand Canyon National Park within the forest boundaries.


Hand colored photo of the Grand Canyon with peach and pink colors and the title in orange letters letters 'Grand Canyon National Park Arizona, United States Railroad Administration National Park Series' and an inset box at the bottom right showing the Santa Fe railroad logo and the text 'for additional information apply to the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co. 1116 Railway Exchange, Chicago Illinois or nearest Santa Fe representative'.


Hand colored postcard showing the Grand Canyon and bearing the number 6326 and the caption 'Grand Canyon of Arizona from Jacobs Ladder'. It also bears an oval blue stamp at the top right 'Copyright 1902 by Detroit Photographic Company.'


Telegram on red and off-white telegram paper stock entitled 'Postal Telegraph – Commercial Cables. Night Telegram'. The message text is dated March 9, 1917 and recipient is Carl Hayden at Grand Canyon, AZ.

Telegram transcript: "H Of R Washn DC. Your letter feby 26 hire automobile grand Canyon to Hilltop I will arrange horses for trail and meet you at Hilltop time three days wire me several days advance as we get mail but twice weekly. Gensler, Supt"


Black and white photograph of a party of six tourists riding mules down the Bright Angel Trail. The image is taken from behind the party on the trail and canyon scenery is visible above and to the left of the group.

Explore these rich materials for yourself with the map below.


Black and white photograph of a different party of six mule riders on the Bright Angel Trail next to the Kolb Brothers photography studio sign. The party is dressed in riding gear and they are looking up and mostly smiling at the camera, which is looking back at the party and slightly elevated.


Color relief map of the Grand Canyon

How to Use the Map

Explore 100 Years of Grand geographically!


Black and white photograph of a person on a handmade wooden ladder climbing up the wall of a tall adobe structure with window openings (possibly the Hopi Watchtower) with another person leaning out of the window opening.

You can pan across the map to navigate to the many spaces and places that constitute the greater Grand Canyon region.

Increase and decrease the map's scale level to examine any part of the region.

Zoom in and out of the map with the plus [+] and minus [-] signs. Select the home icon to return to the default view.

Each point represents a location associated with one or more archival resources. Many point locations link to multiple items. 


Thumbnail image of the Grand Canyon map with red points and place names.
The intensity of each symbol indicates the quantity of archival items associated with a particular place -- the greater the symbol intensity, the greater the number of items associated with that locale.

Selecting a point activates a small pop-up box with basic descriptive information about the material(s) associated with that location.


Thumbnail image of an enlarged portion of the map showing one red point labelled Yaki Point and a road ending in a cul-de-sac.
Select any point on the map to reveal the materials associated with the place referenced by the point.


 More info' with a link to the photo in the ASU Digital Repository.
The pop-up box provides basic information about each resource, including its title, date, type, host repository, and a link to its full metadata details.


In addition to basic descriptive information, an image preview of the item will appear (when available), along with a hyperlink that will lead you to the item's full details at its host repository.

When a point location is associated with multiple materials, use the forward and backward arrows on the top-right of the pop-up box to browse through the materials.


 More info' with a link to the full photograph at the ASU Digital Repository.

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