Unwanted Fraternity

An Authentic Journey Toward True Healing After Loss

Unwanted Fraternity: An Authentic Journey Toward True Healing After Loss is Greg Tonkinson’s record of that challenging time. His honest, conversational writing style includes two main components: journal entries from a widowed father of three young children and Bible references (over 150). Tonkinson addresses areas of doubt, fear, deep sadness, and trudging through the proper reactions when others don’t know how to respond. He emphasizes the importance of community while working through the realization that life will go on after loss, even if it will never be the same. Ultimately, Unwanted Fraternity is intended to remind individuals of the hope that comes through a relationship with Christ, the true Healer of grief.


Greg Tonkinson, BA Broadcasting '90, currently serves as the Spiritual Life Director for Valley Christian Schools (Chandler, AZ). He has served at VCS for 15 years as and has lived in the Valley of the Sun for 36 years. Greg is an author of the book, Unwanted Fraternity and co-hosts The Unwanted Fraternity radio/podcast with his wife Jennifer. Greg is a TEDx speaker, has been a guest of Guy Raz on NPR, and performed a 45-minute interview with President George W. Bush. Greg received his Masters from Phoenix Seminary (1998) and his Doctorate from Talbot School of Theology. He is married to Jennifer and together they have five children.

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Just finished reading Greg Tonkinson’s Unwanted Fraternity: An Authentic Journey Toward True Healing After Loss. Touching. Engaging. Disarming. Real. I joined this fraternity in 2005. I’m grateful to read the words of a man who gets us. Thank you for not diminishing our loss. Thank you for showing us that we can be real with ourselves and with God. Thank you for sharing these words of hurt, healing, and hope. You’ve done a great service to our fraternity and to those who want to know how to love us well!

Sam Knight
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