Strategies in Biomedical Data Science

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Strategies in Biomedical Data Science provides medical professionals with much-needed guidance toward managing the increasing deluge of healthcare data. Beginning with a look at our current top-down methodologies, this book demonstrates the ways in which both technological development and more effective use of current resources can better serve both patient and payer. The discussion explores the aggregation of disparate data sources, current analytics and toolsets, the growing necessity of smart bioinformatics, and more as data science and biomedical science grow increasingly intertwined. You'll dig into the unknown challenges that come along with every advance, and explore the ways in which healthcare data management and technology will inform medicine, politics, and research in the not-so-distant future. Real-world use cases and clear examples are featured throughout, and coverage of data sources, problems, and potential mitigations provides necessary insight for forward-looking healthcare professionals.


Jay A. Etchings is the director of operations at Arizona State University's Research Computing program, where he is responsible for developing innovative architectures to progress fluid technical environments supporting highly computational workloads, peta-scale data analysis, next-generation cyber capabilities, and emerging network innovations.

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