Iron Dad

A Cancer Survivor's Story of Discovering Strength, Life and Love Through Fatherhood

Author Paul Weigel

Paul Weigel’s life always felt hard. After spending his childhood isolated with distant and detached parents, losing his college sweetheart in a horrible tragedy, and the unexpected death of his father, he spent his life in despair. It all just hurt.

Everything changed when his daughter, Natalie was born.

From day one, Weigel and Natalie shared an incredible bond. She was a constant source of peace and inspiration to him, and he was determined to give her the love and security he’d never had. His life and the family that he dreamed about seemed to be finally getting on track—that is until a devastating cancer diagnosis threatened that future.

But this time around, Weigel chose hope. If you believe in the impossible, he told himself, the incredible can come true. Using this mantra, Weigel pushed forward, determined to show his daughter true strength and power—facing his illness’ and treatment’s ups and downs with courage, training and completing an Ironman triathlon within six months of finishing chemotherapy, and continuing his dedication as a loyal father.

In Iron Dad, Weigel celebrates the unique bond between fathers and daughters and shares an inspiring story of finding and clinging to the joy in life, no matter the odds.

Still cancer-free ten years later, he wrote Iron Dad to share his story with others.


Paul is a 10-year cancer survivor and 6-time Ironman triathlete. He graduated from ASU in 2019 with a Master of Arts from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.

Praise for this book

Iron Dad is a powerful testament to resilience, courage, and the unbreakable bond between father and child. Paul’s ongoing determination and desire to live a great life despite the disease truly reflects what it means to Livestrong.

Suzanne Stone President & CEO Livestrong

An incredible story of perseverance, courage, and love. Iron Dad celebrates the power of choosing hope, the unique bond between fathers and daughters, and the resilience to believe in the impossible. A powerful story!

Victoria Brumfield USA Triathlon CEO
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