Germans on the Kenyan Coast

Land, Charity, and Romance

Nina Berman

Diani, a coastal town on the Indian Ocean, is significantly defined by a large European presence that has spurred economic development and is also supported by close relationships…

The Road to the Two Sudans

Edited by Stephanie Beswick, Soaud T. Ali, Richard Lobban and Jay Spaulding

The previous book presaged this present volume as the, perhaps inevitable, outcome of endless conflicts with no serious effort to “make unity attractive.” Reading this book will…

The Virtues of Exit: On Resistance and Quitting Politics

The Virtues of Exit

On Resistance and Quitting Politics

Jennet Kirkpatrick

Successful democracies rely on an active citizenry. They require citizens to participate by voting, serving on juries, and running for office. But what happens when those citizens…

Uncivil Disobedience: Studies in Violence and Democratic Politics

Uncivil Disobedience

Studies in Violence and Democratic Politics

Jennet Kirkpatrick

"Uncivil Disobedience" examines the roles violence and terrorism have played in the exercise of democratic ideals in America. Jennet Kirkpatrick explores how crowds, rallying behind the…

Cultural Authority and Political Culture in China

Exploring Issues with the Zhongyong and the Daotong during the Song, Jin and Yuan Dynasties

Hoyt Cleveland Tillman and Christian Soffel

How have political conflicts impacted philosophical concepts and the rise of particular intellectual lineages in China? This question is part of a contested issue — the relative strength…

Faking the News, edited by ASU alum Ryan Skinnell

Faking the News

What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump

Edited by Ryan Skinnell

Donald J. Trump's speaking and writing invite passionate reactions — maybe he’s a bluecollar, billionaire hero who speaks the language of the common man or maybe he’s a gleefully…

Cover of Misrepresented People: Poetic Responses to Trump's America, edited by Maria Isabel Alvarez and Dante Di Stefano

Misrepresented People

Poetic Responses to Trump's America

Edited by María Isabel Alvarez and Dante Di Stefano

The poets anthologized in "Misrepresented People: Poetic Responses to Trump's America" bear witness to, rage against, and defy the misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and…

Basements and Other Museums by Vedran Husić

Basements and Other Museums

Vedran Husić

"With the precision of a surgeon and a poet's reverberant intelligence, Vedran Husić gives us stories of children growing up in war-ravaged Bosnia, a world of vanishing fathers, games…

Cover of The New Immigrant Whiteness by Claudia Sadowski-Smith

The New Immigrant Whiteness

Race, Neoliberalism, and Post-Soviet Migration to the United States

Claudia Sadowski-Smith

Mapping representations of post-1980s immigration from the former Soviet Union to the United States in interviews, reality TV shows, fiction, and memoirs, Claudia Sadowski-Smith shows…

Drown River book cover

Drowned River

The Death and Rebirth of Glen Canyon on the Colorado

Mark Klett

In 1963, the waters began rising behind Glen Canyon Dam and 170 miles of the Colorado River slowly disappeared as the riverbed and its surrounding wild canyons filled with water. The dam…