First Responder's Guide to Individuals in Crisis

Training towards de-escalation

The "First Responder’s Guide to Individuals in Crisis" is a comprehensive guide designed to help first responders and service providers navigate the complex and challenging landscape of crisis intervention. The book provides an overview of crisis definitions and calls for service, as well as a historical perspective on mental health treatment, substance abuse, and homelessness. It also covers the typologies and behaviors of individuals in crisis, including comorbidity, substance abuse, mental health disorders, and disabilities.
The legal framework of crisis intervention, including mens rea or the guilty mind, the insanity plea, and the use of force, is also explored in detail. The book also provides an overview of the various roles of first responders and service providers, including emergency medical technicians, law enforcement, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

The author offers insights on the revolving door of mental health treatment and medication options, emphasizing the importance of safety, awareness, communication, and de-escalation techniques in crisis situations. Collaboration options for government programs, non-profits, and foundations are also discussed, along with training options for first responders, practice scenarios, after-action video reviews/critiques, role-playing exercises, case studies, interactive workshops, simulation exercises, and collaborative team problem-solving.

Overall, the "First Responder’s Guide to Individuals in Crisis" is an essential resource for anyone involved in crisis intervention and offers a wealth of practical advice and guidance that can help first responders and service providers better understand and manage crises situations.


Frank Kardasz graduated from ASU with a Masters Degree in Public Adminstration.

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