Estrellita's Estoria

A Frog Prince Exploration

Author Andrea M. Tovar

Illustrated by Edward Dennis

When her nana’s gift, a book of inspiration, falls into an Arizona canal, Princess Estrellita with the help of her trusty companion, Zorrito, summon a sacred source. Will she succeed when a quirky bullfrog retrieves it for her and demands a kiss?

Despite the cheekiness of Francisco the Frog Prince and his snarky sidekick, Toad the Toad, Princess Estrellita and Zorrito will entertain you with the intriguing canal creatures they encounter.

"Estrellita’s Estoria: A Frog Prince Exploration" is more than a children’s fairy tale. Andrea Tovar brings familiar traditional characters into a postmodern read-aloud picture book that bubbles with cultural traditions and Arizona imagery. The tale stirs questions of the dynamics of diversity, faith, feminism and friendship. Both Andrea and Edward invite you to discuss Estrellita’s world with readers to help open minds to new perspectives and life experiences.


Andrea Tovar teaches innovative undergraduate and graduate level courses in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College which span the curriculum in inclusive instructional planning, language and literacy, bilingual education, content methods, reading instruction and assessment, and special education.

Estrellita's Estoria
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