Electrical Properties of Tissues: Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Mapping

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 1380

This book covers the latest developments in tissue electrical conductivity and current density imaging, increasingly popular as well as challenging applications of MRI. These applications are enabled by the acquisition of high-quality MR phase images. This book provides a practical description of the MRI physics needed to understand and acquire phase images in MRI and the key details required to reconstruct them into conductivity, current density or electric field distributions. Comprehensive details are provided about the electrical properties of biological tissues, computational modeling considerations, experimental methods, construction of non-biological and biological phantoms and MRI pulse sequences. An inclusive review of image reconstruction algorithms, and their potential applications is provided for applications directed at determining current density or electric fields, such as in transcranial DC or AC stimulation techniques; as well as electrical conductivity reconstructions that may be of use in quantitative MRI applications used to detect cancer or other pathologies. This is an excellent book for undergraduate and graduate students beginning to explore phase, current density, and conductivity imaging in MRI, and will also be of great use to researchers interested in the area of MR-based electrical property imaging.


Rosalind Sadleir is an Associate Professor in the School of Biological Health Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. Her areas of interest range over theoretical electromagnetic analysis and modeling, experimental and clinical measurements and commercial device development. She has been involved in and made contributions to MREIT in pulse sequence development, finite element modeling, high field imaging, algorithm development and functional imaging.

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