Jessica Singer Early

Cover of "Real World Writing for Secondary Students" featuring a young girl's hand writing on notebook paper

Real World Writing for Secondary Students

Teaching the College Admission Essay and Other Gate-Openers for Higher Education

Meredith DeCosta and Jessica Singer Early

One of the most important ways to scaffold a successful transition from high school to college is to teach real-world, gate-opening writing genres, such as college admission essays. This…

Cover of "International Advances in Writing Research" with a light green background

International Advances in Writing Research

Cultures, Places, Measures

Karen Lunsford, Jessica Singer Early, Chris Dean and Charles Bazerman

The 30 chapters in "International Advances in Writing Research: Cultures, Places, Measures" were selected from the more than 500 presentations at the Writing Research Across Borders II…

Cover of "Stirring Up Justice" featuring a raised fist holding a pencil

Stirring Up Justice

Writing and Reading to Change the World

Jessica Singer Early

Many of us want to make change in our world, but no one's ever told us how. As a teacher, you can demonstrate to your students that they can be part of the solution to issues that matter…

Cover of "Creating Literacy Communities as Pathways to Student Success" by Early and Saidy featuring a black background with color strip at top

Creating Literacy Communities as Pathways to Student Success

Equity and Access for Latina Students in STEM

Jessica Singer Early and Christina Saidy

"Creating Literacy Communities as Pathways to Student Success" offers a model for using literacy as a pathway for secondary students to explore fields from which they are often…

Color blocks with text about media genres

Next Generation Genres

Teaching Writing for Civic and Academic Engagement

Jessica Singer Early

Students need updated writing genres, and a real reason to write. Evolutions in technology and connectivity have brought about significant changes in the ways writing is produced and…