Jane Buikstra

Bioarchaeology of Tuberculosis book cover image

The Bioarchaeology of Tuberculosis

A Global View on a Reemerging Disease

Jane Buikstra and Charlotte Roberts

Tuberculosis has plagued humans and animals for thousands of years. Though apparently in decline with the advent of effective chemotherapy and improved living conditions, sanitation and…

Interacting with the Dead book cover image

Interacting with the Dead

Perspectives on Mortuary Archaeology for the New Millennium

Edited by Sloan Williams, Lane Beck, Jane Buikstra and Gordon Rakita

This collection explores the behavioral and social facets of funerary, mortuary and burial rites in both past and present societies. By utilizing data from around the world and combining…

The Archaic and Woodland book cover image

The Archaic and Woodland Cemeteries at the Elizabeth Site in the Lower Illinois Valley

Edited by Steven Leigh, Jane Buikstra and Douglas Charles

The Elizabeth site consisted of early Middle Woodland and Late Woodland cemeteries, and Middle/Late Archaic midden and burials, atop a bluff on the west side of the lower Illinois River…

Recreating Hopewell book cover image

Recreating Hopewell

Edited by Jane Buikstra and Douglas Charles

Two thousand years ago, the Hopewell culture dominated much of eastern North America and left behind earthworks and other artifacts that continue to fascinate archaeologists. Recreating…

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The Contextual Analysis of Human Remains

Lane Beck and Jane Buikstra

The core subject matter of bioarchaeology is the lives of past peoples, interpreted anthropologically. Human remains, contextualized archaeologically and historically, form the unit of…

Forensic Anthropology book cover image

Forensic Anthropology

Contemporary Theory and Practice

Jane Buikstra and Debra Komar

Forensic anthropology is a vastly popular and rapidly changing profession, yet to date there has been no volume that reflects the current state of the discipline and forecasts its future…

Breathing New Life book cover image

Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death

Contemporary Approaches to Bioarchaeology

Edited by Jane Buikstra, Aubrey Baadsgaard and Alexis Boutin

Taking cues from current theoretical perspectives and capitalizing on the strengths of new and sophisticated methods of analysis, "Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death"…

Global History book cover image

The Global History of Paleopathology

Pioneers and Prospects

Edited by Jane Buikstra and Charlotte Roberts

"The Global History of Paleopathology" is the first comprehensive global compendium on the history of paleopathology, an interdisciplinary scientific discipline that focuses on the study…