Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing

Nobody Is Ever Missing book cover

Nobody Is Ever Missing

Cody Wilson

Of this volume of poetry, Bob Hicok, author of "Sex & Love &," says: "Cody Wilson has a great feel for the details that speak of what hides below the surface. There’s a deeply…

Cover of Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies edited by Salma Monani and Joni Adamson

Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies

Conversations from Earth to Cosmos

Edited by Salma Monani and Joni Adamson

This book addresses the intersections between the interdisciplinary realms of ecocriticism and indigenous and Native American studies, and between academic theory and pragmatic eco…

Cover of Humanities for the Environment edited by Joni Adamson and Michael Davis

Humanities for the Environment

Integrating Knowledge, Forging New Constellations of Practice

Edited by Michael Davis and Joni Adamson

"Humanities for the Environment," or HfE, is an ambitious project that from 2013–2015 was funded by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The project networked…

Keywords for Environmental Studies

Edited by William A. Gleason, Joni Adamson and David N. Pellow

Understandings of “nature” have expanded and changed, but the word has not lost importance at any level of discourse: It continues to hold a key place in conversations surrounding…

Everything Change book cover, with diagonal white pinstripes over a black background.

Everything Change

An Anthology of Climate Fiction

Edited by Meredith Martinez, Manjana Milkoreit and Joey Eschrich

This collection of gripping stories explores a range of possible futures for Earth and humanity transformed by climate change. Featuring contributions from renowned science fiction…

Cover of Devotedly, Virginia by Melissa Pritchard

Devotedly, Virginia

The Life of Virginia Galvin Piper

Melissa Pritchard

“If this biography inspires even one young woman standing on the threshold of adulthood to strive for grace and excellence of character, to succeed beyond the world’s milder and more…

Cover of Everything Change, Volume II, an illustration sunlight peeking over the curve of the Earth, viewed from space, against a black background

Everything Change, Volume II

An Anthology of Climate Fiction

Edited by Joey Eschrich and Angie Dell

A collection of short fiction about climate chaos and its aftermath, exploring a variety of possible futures for humans and the Earth, ranging across genres from science fiction and…

Cover of Not Go Away Is My Name by Alberto Ríos

Not Go Away Is My Name

Alberto Ríos

Resistance and persistence collide in Alberto Rios’s sixteenth book, "Not Go Away Is My Name," a book about past and present, changing and unchanging, letting go and holding on. The…

Cover of A Good Map of All Things by Alberto Rios

A Good Map of All Things

A Picaresque Novel

Alberto Ríos

In Alberto Álvaro Ríos’s new picaresque novel, momentous adventure and quiet connection brings twenty people to life in a small town in northern Mexico. "A Good Map of All Things" is…

book cover by Magic City

Magic City

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921. A white woman and a black man are alone in an elevator. Suddenly, the woman screams, the man runs out, and the chase to capture and lynch him begins.When Joe, a…