School of International Letters and Cultures

Joan Darc co-translated by Cynthia Hogue

Joan Darc

Nathalie Quintane

Translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

Scuffing up the surface of history by scuffing up that of language, Nathalie Quintane manages to get at the myth of Joan of Arc from the inside, turning it from myth to immediate life…

New Directions cover

New Directions

Assessment and Preparation of Hispanic College Students

Edited by Richard J. Tannenbaum, Laura I. Rendón, Gary Francisco Keller, Estela Mara Bensimón, Alfredo G. de los Santos Jr. and Alberto Acereda

"New Directions" serves as a national state-of-the-art in assessment and access as it affects the major Hispanic communities around the nation. The book focuses on two themes: (1) the…

Moving Forward cover

Moving Forward

Policies, Planning, and Promoting Access of Hispanic College Students

Edited by Gary Francisco Keller, Alfredo G. de los Santos Jr. and Alberto Acereda

Equitable access to quality education is key to the advancement of Hispanic communities because education may serve as either a gateway or a barrier to social mobility, economic…

Cover of "Picturing The Barrio"

Picturing The Barrio

The Chicano Photographers

David William Foster

Foster analyzes the imagery of 10 distinctive artists who offer a range of approaches to portraying Chicano life. The production of each artist is examined as an ideological…

The Cisco Kid cover

The Cisco Kid

American Hero, Hispanic Roots

Gary D. Keller

"The Cisco Kid: American Hero, Hispanic Roots" builds upon Francis Nevins’s 1998 book, "The Films of the Cisco Kid." Retaining the original’s thorough, chronological study of the Cisco…

Good Bandits, Warrior Women, and Revolutionaries in Hispanic Culture

Edited by Gary Francisco Keller

"Good Bandits, Warrior Women, and Revolutionaries in Hispanic Culture" is the fruit of a groundbreaking conference that was held in Phoenix in 2009. Following an introduction by Gary…

Triumph of Our Communities

Triumph of Our Communities

Four Decades of Mexican American Art

Gary D. Keller

With more than 600 full-color images, this generously sized coffee-table book celebrates the art organizations that have promoted Mexican-American art and have served as art education…

Chicano Art for Our Millennium cover

Chicano Art for Our Millennium

Collected Works from the Arizona State University Community

Mary Erickson and Gary D. Keller

"Chicano Art for Our Millennium" showcases more than 120 works of Chicano art and provides a good representation of the art movement for general readers and students. Created in part as…

Volery and Venery in the French Wars of Religion

Deborah N. Losse

"Volery and Venery in the French Wars of Religion" is the first book-length study to provide an analysis of literary and cultural texts through the lens of people's perspectives on…

An Early History of Compassion

Emotion and Imagination in Hellenistic Judaism

Françoise Mirguet

In this book, Françoise Mirguet traces the appropriation and reinterpretation of pity by Greek-speaking Jewish communities of Late Antiquity. Pity and compassion, in this corpus,…