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Find tools and services that help you keep your project moving forward, including citation management tools and guidance on data set descriptions, storage, and sharing options.

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Citation management

Get help with choosing and using citation management software to collect and organize your literature review in a central location. View a comparison of some of the more popular citation managers to help with your decision.

Identity management

Keep your research, scholarship, and innovation uniquely identified and connected to your contributions and affiliations. ASU is a member of ORCID -  a nonprofit organization that provides an open, transparent solution for researcher identity management. Learn more about ORCID @ ASU and read our guide on managing your information.

Data management

Contact us or check out our Research Data Management Guide for more information about:

  • Grant proposal data management plans
  • Consultations and workshops on best practices including file management, documentation, publication, and preservation strategies
  • Identifying and selecting research data repositories

Project management

The ASU Library provides consultations and graduate-level workshops on project collaboration and management tools including:

  • Setting up and using the Open Science Framework (OSF)
  • Using tools like Open Refine for cleaning and transforming “messy” data
  • Guidance for project and item level description (metadata)