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A magnified view of the Durango and Rio Grande Railroad lines. The Durango rail is represented by a black line with white dots, while the Rio Grande is red with white dots. Major cities like Colorado Springs, Denver, and Durango are bold, while surrounding cities are smaller in size.

Map of the Month: June 2022

Our June Map of the Month is a 1905 “Map of the Denver & Rio Grande System” depicting the extent of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad at the time as well as its connecting lines and variation in rail type throughout the system. The Denver and Rio Grande was one of the largest and most significa...

Picture showing a digital copy of the original vegetation map overlaid in its' actual geographic location in the US.

New Web App: Western North America Vegetation and Locust Map

Our latest web app, Western North America Vegetation and Locust Map, is now live and available to the public. Map of a Portion of Western North America Showing the Distribution of Vegetation with Reference to the Multiplication of and Means o...