Information is Sacred...


A detail view of turquoise geometric designs on a copper table.

We are an Indigenous library center led by an all-Indigenous staff seeking to collaborate with and proactively meet the needs of ASU Indigenous students, faculty, and regional Tribal communities by:

  • Providing a culturally safe space within academia for critical learning, scholarship, creativity, and reflection for community healing (Space and Place)
  • Promoting and supporting Indigenous academic excellence through research in scholarly work, data, and creative writing (Research Services)
  • Curating, preserving, and facilitating access to Indigenous information – stories, scholarly works, poems, art, music, and primary sources  (Collections)
  • Developing and implementing programs that engage and center Indigenous ways of knowing, lived experiences, and creative expressions (Programming)
  • Stewarding collections through centering Indigenous ownership of data, cultural and intellectual property, research, archives, traditional knowledge, and community memory (Stewardship)
  • Supporting and upholding cultural sovereignty through implementation of cultural protocols and practice to support Tribal Sovereignty, and Indigenous ownership of traditional knowledge and information (Protocols)
Smudge sticks of dried sage and creosote, wrapped in twine, placed in a large shell and on a mesquite-patterned cloth bundle.


The Labriola National American Indian Data Center seeks to empower Indigenous Peoples in the pursuit of Indigenous resilience through support of Indigenous research, scholarship, cultural expression, memory-keeping, and community learning. The Labriola Center employs a community-engaged and collaborative approach to the stewardship of cultural knowledge to uphold and bolster Tribal Sovereignty among the Tribal Nations and communities of Arizona.