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Space inspired artwork with black background

Psyche Inspired: Collection of Artworks

Copper Class

Edited by Adriana Talamante, Ninad Kulkarni, Kacy Hatfield and Tyler Burnside

Executive Editor   Kaxandra Nessi

Layout Editor, Cover Art   Tristan Tierce

Psyche Contributor   Catherine Bowman

Psyche Contributor   Lindy Elkins-Tanton

A collection of artistic and creative works from the ASU-led NASA Psyche Mission's 2021-22 Psyche Inspired interns. This downloadable book tells the story of Psyche (both the mission and…

Watercolor artwork of three fish

The Future of Sustainability Education at North American Universities

Christopher Boone

This collection explores sustainability education in the North American academy. The authors advocate for a more integrated approach to teaching sustainability in order to help students…

Blue tinted image of a man with long hair looking down

Compulsive Swim

Austin Davis

Our city is an ocean. Every night one of our neighbors drowns in a crack on the sidewalk. Every night we call it hope to climb our way to the moon--just to panic when we can’t find an…

Various fruit on a plate

Shakespeare and Disgust

The History and Science of Early Modern Revulsion

Bradley J. Irish

Drawing on both historical analysis and theories from the modern affective sciences, "Shakespeare and Disgust" argues that the experience of revulsion is one of Shakespeare's central…

Black and white images of various animals with title Lupine in green text


Jenny Irish

At the heart of all violence is fear: "Lupine" is a gathering of feminist prose poetry engaging themes of ecology, animality, and the human unknown. A series of interconnected dramatic…

Teal background with fabric sewn moon and planets

Would-Be Future Humans

Jenny Irish

A limited edition chapbook. Jenny Irish is from Maine and lives in Arizona. She is the author of the hybrid collections "Common Ancestor" and "Tooth Box," the short story collection "I…

Cartoon dog running in a storm

The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog

When Storms Howl

Christine M. B. Smith

Where is home? Lucy hopes that by taking care of the farmer’s gopher problem, her new home will be with her canine companion, Sam. But plans go awry when her troublesome wiggles lead her…

Image of white male holding a gun from behind

School Gun Violence in YA Literature

Representing Environments, Motives, and Impacts

Laura A. Brown

Since Columbine, the topic of school shootings has become ever more prevalent in the media, in research, and in fiction. This book provides analyses of several Young Adult (YA) texts…

Image of ocean eye


Water, Environmental Justice, and a Just Transition

Matthew Henry

The story of water in the United States is one of ecosystemic disruption and social injustice. From the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and Flint, Michigan, to the Appalachian coal and…

Children playing in a field with mountains in the backyard

To Find Treasure in the Mountains

Francine Rockey

With sturdy shoes and a sense of adventure, three young children hike through the sparkling woods to find treasure in the mountains. No pirate’s map or magic wand required! Outside,…