Multiple copy guidelines

ASU Library Open Stack and HDC collections

In order to make processing at HDC and Poly Williams School efficient and to reduce the duplication of general collections items in HDC, we need to institute guidelines regarding multiple copies for ASU Library open stack print collections (this does not include Distinctive Collections, Maps, University Archives, and Law Library materials). This means that in all locations, we will make an effort to avoid unnecessary duplication, which will reduce the stress on stack maintenance, the information resources collections budget, preservation interventions needed, and space planning across the ASU library system. For example, if a given volume is held in Distinctive Collections, University Archives, or Law, and a second one is held in Noble Library, staff at another library would not add a third volume. If a patron requests a particular book and it is checked out, additional copies may be requested from our borrowing partner libraries. If there is a given volume in the Arizona collection and in the Chicano Research collection, staff would add a third volume to High Density Collections. If library personnel are facing a withdrawal decision regarding multiple copies and wish to make a determination based on condition about which copy should be kept, please consult the Conservator’s guidelines.

This policy pertains to volumes under consideration for initial acquisition through firm orders and gifts.

Multiple copy guidelines for library gift books

ASU Library observes the multiple copy guidelines for books in its open stack collections. These guidelines also apply to gift books. We generally collect one copy per edition of print books and monographic series, and cannot accept gifted books if another copy is already part of the open stack collections, unless they are deemed distinctive by our University Librarian. ASU Library does not generally accept journal issues or obsolete textbook editions, and cannot accept gifts that contain mold or have sustained heavy damage.