You can help make history

archivist hands in gloves applying proper documentation to a photo
“Arizona’s archives are dominated by white narratives
that promote settler colonialism and white supremacy. One of my favorite
things about this work is that marginalized communities are learning
how to create a story 
that speaks to their reality.”
Nancy Godoy,
Director of the Community-Driven Archives Initiative



In 2012, the Arizona Archives Matrix Project identified several historically marginalized groups in Arizona, including Latinxs, Black, Asian and Pacific Islander and LGBTQ, which make up over 42 percent of Arizona's population but are only represented in 0-2% of known archival collections.

You can help change this.

When you support the Community-Driven Archives Initiative at the ASU Library, you help strengthen our state archives, making them more accurate and inclusive, and support critical community-led work addressing historical trauma, inequities and underrepresentation.  

Your gift will directly support the facilitation of educational events and digital projects that empower communities to preserve their own histories and redefine what an archive is and who should have access to history.